Ankermi Happy Dive Center, Maumere, Flores

Ankermi Happy Dive Center, Maumere, Flores

Ankermi Happy Dive Center, Maumere, Flores

Ankermi Happy Dive Center, Maumere, Flores
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How to get to Happy Dive



Ankermi / Happy Dive Resort is 29 km away from the Maumere town center on the eastern side of Flores Island. Our resort lies right at the beach surrounded by a rice field, banana trees, coconut trees and a bamboo forest.


With this information you will find us:

ANKERMI/ Happy Dive (Egon Cottage)

29km east of Maumere (on the Trans- Flores Highway to Larantuka) to Watumita village

What to bring?

  • Accommodation: Everything necessary is there (for example mosquito nets)
  • Money: We accept credit cards and cash payments (please bring new bills, which are undamaged and not folded - with dollars they are specially restrictive!)
  • Diving: We have all the equipment you need for diving. We use international adaptors and also have DIN for the first stages
  • Snorkeling: you can rent masks, snorkels and fins
  • Electricity: We have 24 hours of electricity, so you have enough time to charge your batteries and other equipment. There are lamps in the bungalows and on the balconies good enough to read or to watch your underwater photos on your computer.



Karte von der Insel Flores, Nusa Tengarra Indonesien

Ankermi Happy Dive Resort lies east of Maumere towards Larantuka

Karte von der Insel Flores, Nusa Tengarra Indonesien

Maumere lies in East Flores and is over 500km from the well known Labuan Bajo and the Komodo islands in distance. Copyright Maps


Übersicht Nusa Tenggara (kleine Sunda Inseln) mit Flores, Indonesien


If you advice us before arrival it is possible to organize a pick up at the airport for you. Otherwise just take a taxi outside the baggage claim area and tell the driver to bring you to Ankermi in Watumita. A taxi ride to Ankermi costs about Rp. 150.000. Maumere airport has not a very good, friendly reputation as the drivers are shouting around and fighting to get passengers. For the taxi drivers it seems to be some kind of game to be loud to each other and to the customers - to local passengers too! Don’t get upset, just choose a friendly driver, there are many of them.

Don’t let them hassle you. You don’t need to make any arrangements for overland tours or trips in a hurry. We work together with some friendly, honest drivers and can help you to arrange a tour to any destination you wish.

If you want to reach us by public bus you have to walk out of the airport or hire an ojek (motorbike taxi) to the Lokaria terminal. From there you can take a village bemo straight to WATUMITA, Ankermi. Most of the local mini bus drivers know us. The ojek is Rp. 3000 to the Lokaria terminal and the bemo (mini bus) to Ankermi's is Rp.5000.


If you arrive by bus in the town terminal (west terminal) coming from Ende, you can take a city bemo or ojek to Lokaria terminal (Rp. 3000) and then again the village bemo. If you take the ENDE- LARANTUKA bus instead of the Ende-Maumere bus you don’t need to get off the bus in Maumere, you can stay in the bus until Watumita- Ankermi, as the busses which drive all the way to Larantuka, passing by our Resort.

If you arrive by bus from Larantuka, simply tell the bus driver to stop at Watumita- Ankermi. Coming from the east, we are located nearly 30 km before Maumere town.


Please be aware that this information can change anytime! Nam Air (Sriwijaya Air) and Wings Air (Lion Air) are serving Maumere directly with daily flights from Surabaya, Denpasar and Kupang. Trans Nusa, Garuda and Wings Air also cover other airports in Flores like Ende, Ruteng and Labuan Bajo. Sometimes it is also possible to fly directly from Maumere to Labuan Bajo or Makassar, then again those flights are discontinued.....

The airfares are connected to the airline's computer system so the prices can vary everyday. Please notice, that most airlines have low baggage allowances and charge for overweight!

With the above in mind, plan at least one extra day between local flights and your international departure date!!

To book on the airline’s website directly it’s only possible if you have a local Credit or Debit Card. With international Cards it is sometimes not possible, to book and pay a ticket on the airline’s website. For online bookings and if you want to pay with an international Credit Card check out this website:

Websites of the airlines (to check the schedules): / /


The Indonesian passenger line ships PELNI are serving Maumere with the “Awu” and the “Tatamailau” ship. They are coming from Bali and continue to Kupang and Sulawesi or up to Irian Jaya. For detailed schedules please ask in the harbor of departure. From Larantuka there are the “Sirimau” and the “Awu” going eastwards or up to Sulawesi. There are a few ASDP ferries from Kupang to Larantuka and from Kupang to Alor, Rote, Savu, Sumba etc. There are also several smaller ferries traveling between the islands in the eastern part like from Larantuka to Lewoleba, ferries between Ende and Sumba or Aimere to Sumba.

In bad weather conditions like the west monsoon or if there are very strong winds the little ferries may not operate. Please be flexible enough and plan some extra time to travel.


The exchange rate in Maumere banks (BNI and DANAMON) to US dollars and Euros is not as good as in Bali or Java. There are bank machines (ATM) to get money with your credit card. Cash advances with your credit card at the bank are not possible anymore please be prepared.


Our resort and Dive Center is open all year round. In general there is no problem to dive in the dry season between April until December. November is our hottest month, when winds stop and humidity rises. There is usually a little rain in October and some more in December. The real west monsoon passes through usually in January and February. The waves are too high, the sea too rough so in this time we mostly can’t go out for diving with the boat to the islands.
We have noticed some changes of the weather conditions during the seasons (El Nino, global warming, lots of rain, hardly any rain) and therefore there is no rule without exceptions…


There is a recompression chamber in Maumere (built in 2018). Still, we only do non-decompression dives at our dive resort! Please notice, that kids should dive accompanied by their parents!

All our beds have mosquito nettings, so you are well protected from mosquito bites. There is also always a slight wind, so we generally have only a few mosquitos.

However in Indonesia as in other parts of South East Asia it is possible to get tropical diseases like Malaria and Dengue fever as well as other tropical diseases. Please check with your doctor, whether it is necessary to take precautions. Please note that if you dive some medicaments are not recommended!

Maumere has a government hospital and there are several catholic health care centers and smaller hospitals in the area, a very good catholic hospital is in Lela, a village about 1,5hrs. away from Ankermi Resort. The catholic hospitals are very well equipped and clean and do blood checks (Malaria tests etc.) and cure the simpler diseases. To have an operation done or if special care is needed, it is wise to go to Jakarta, Bali or better abroad, to Singapore or Kuala Lumpur.

Ankermi Happy Dive

Ankermi - Happy Dive
Watumita, Flores, Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia

For information or bookings please e-mail us ( ). If you don‘t get a reply in 2 days, try again, the mail might have been lost or we can’t connect to the internet....
Mobile phone number - IMPORTANT - please send SMS / text with Telegram Messenger, don't phone: +62-821 477 810 36
We speak English / Wir sprechen Deutsch (und Schwiizerdütsch!) / Berbicara Bahasa Indonesia
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